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The Bossier Parish School Board is a legislative, evaluative and judicial body and is responsible for the operation and improvement of public education within its jurisdictional boundaries of Bossier Parish.  As a legislative body, the Board has the authority to determine and establish written policies and to evaluate their effectiveness. It also evaluates and acts on recommendations concerning the progress and improvement of the schools.  Knowledge of educational principles and policies by the Board is essential to making decisions and resolving issues.  The function of the Board is not to operate the schools, but to see that they are operated for the best interest of the children and taxpayers within the provisions of Louisiana law.  The final responsibility for educational planning rests with the Board.


In addition to powers expressly granted by law, it also has implied or additional powers necessarily incidental to the performance of its statutory duties.  The School Board may also make rules and regulations for its own government not inconsistent with state or federal law or with the regulations of the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), as it may deem proper.


Members of the Board have authority only when acting as a Board when called legally into session.  The Board shall not be bound in any way by any statement or action on the part of any individual Board member except when such statement or action is pursuant to specific instructions of the Board.



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Bossier Parish School Board