The Bossier Parish School Board is vested with the responsibility and authority to establish policies for the administration and management of the schools in the school district.  Any policy not specifically spelled out in the School Board's Policy Manual remains the prerogative of the Board.  The Board shall act as a legislative body in the determination of policies for the control, operation, maintenance and improvement of the school system in keeping with the needs of the community and applicable state laws.  On certain occasions the Board shall also serve as a judicial body to hear complaints and appeals of administrative decisions for employees, publics and/or patrons.


The Bossier Parish School Board, through the operation of the public schools, shall make every effort, within the limitations imposed by staff, physical plant, and finances, to provide an educational program designed to meet the individual needs of children according to their ages, mental abilities, and vocational or professional interests.


The School Board shall be responsible for carrying out all mandatory laws pertaining to education and shall consider, accept or reject provisions of permissive legislation where discretion is so authorized.  In all cases where constitutional mandates, federal and/or state statutes, judicial precedents or regulations of duly recognized governmental agencies do not otherwise provide or prohibit, the Board shall consider itself the agent responsible for establishing and appraising the educational activities of the school district.


The specific duties of the School Board shall include, but not be limited to, the following:


  1. To select the person to serve as the chief executive officer and Superintendent of the school district and support such person in the discharge of his/her duties;

  2. To establish, approve and evaluate policies relating to the operation of the public schools;

  3. To adopt a calendar of school events for each ensuing year, which shall be distributed to the teachers and others as deemed necessary;

  4. To adopt the annual budget, consider and approve payrolls, and approve expenditures of funds as recommended by the Superintendent;

  5. To consider reports of transacted business and its relation to the financial status of the system;

  6. To adopt policies for the direction of the school district that are in the best interests of all students;

  7. To delegate to the Superintendent hiring and placement functions of personnel.

  8. To determine salary schedules for all employees;

  9. To consider reports of the Superintendent on the progress of the schools and advise him/her on recommended changes in the educational program;

  10. To adopt plans for structural improvements and determine the means to finance them; and

  11. To inform the citizens of the parish and the Legislature of the needs of the schools.


Revised:  October 4, 2012



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Board minutes, 10-4-12


Bossier Parish School Board