The Bossier Parish School Board encourages the development of proposals to federal, state, and private granting agencies and other sources of financial aid for subsidizing such activities as innovative projects, feasibility studies, long-range planning, and research and development.  All such activities are to meet the following criteria:


  1. They are based on a specific set of internal objectives that relate to the established goals and objectives of the district.

  2. They are to provide measures for evaluating whether or not project objectives are being or have been achieved.

  3. The execution of all projects is to conform to state and federal laws and to the policies of the Board.


The School Board shall be notified of all grants.  The Board President and/or the Superintendent shall be authorized to sign all grant proposals, subject to the Board's right to recall or rescind the application.  When the grant award letter or written notification is received, grant funds may be expended by the Superintendent or designee/recipient.  Grant awards and grant budgets shall be submitted to the Board as soon as possible after the grant award letter or written notification is received.  The Board shall be informed of any recurring costs related to grants and reserves the right to terminate a grant at any time and return any unexpended funds to the grantor.


Grants written at the schools shall be accounted for as school funds and shall follow all applicable Board policies related to school based accounting and recordkeeping.  However, any grants written at the schools that exceed $10,000 shall be handled through the central office accounting system and shall be assigned to an instructional supervisor as project administrator.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:81


Bossier Parish School Board