The Bossier Parish School Board is committed to conserving energy throughout the school district.  Good stewardship of public resources dictates that the Board stress the efficient management and conservation of energy in schools and in all buildings and property.  The Superintendent and administrative staff shall be responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring strategies to improve energy consumption throughout the school district.  Cost effective procedures for the reduction of energy use in school facilities and the assessment of such procedures related to the consumption of energy shall be continually monitored.  The Superintendent shall recommend appropriate improvements in operations to enhance the conservation of energy.




Recognizing that the responsibility for the efficient use of energy resources rests with all employees, students, and the general public, the following energy use guidelines have been established:


  1. The principal shall be held responsible for the total energy usage of his/her building.  The teacher shall be responsible for implementing the guidelines during the time that he/she is present in the classroom.  The principals shall be provided information reflecting the energy consumption for his/her building on a monthly basis.

  2. To maintain an environment that is conducive to the educational process, the classroom temperature should be between 75 and 78 degrees during the cooling season and between 68 and 72 degrees during the heating season.

  3. Every student and employee shall be expected to contribute to energy efficiency in the district.  Every person shall be expected to be an “energy saver” as well as an “energy consumer.”

  4. All unnecessary lighting in unoccupied areas shall be turned off.  All lights shall be turned off when students and teachers leave school.  Custodians shall turn on lights only in the areas in which they are working.

  5. During the summertime air conditioning shall be used only in schools having summer school and in office areas.  Air conditioning may be used in those schools that are involved in a team cleaning concept.

  6. The head custodian at each school shall be responsible for a complete and total shutdown of the facility when closed each evening.

  7. The Bossier Parish School Board Energy Manager shall disseminate to the schools and centers specific guidelines related to:


    1. Procedures for operating air conditioning equipment

    2. Procedures for operating heating equipment

    3. Procedures for operating lighting equipment


  1. The Bossier Parish School Board Energy Manager shall collaborate with the principal and/or center director to adjust guidelines to meet the specific needs at each site.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §17:81


Bossier Parish School Board