Bossier Parish School Board employees may possess electronic telecommunications devices in any elementary or secondary school buildings, or on the grounds thereof, or on or in any school bus used to transport students, but shall only be allowed to use them during their planning period or non-duty time or as may be allowed by the principal.


Notwithstanding the above provisions, this policy shall not affect the conduct of law enforcement activities including the use of electronic detection devices, dogs or other means of conducting searches for weapons, drugs, or other contraband in whatever manner is otherwise permitted by law and consistent with School Board policy.


Nothing in this section shall prohibit the use and operation by any person, including students, of any electronic telecommunications device in the event of an emergency.  Emergency means an actual or imminent threat to public health or safety which may result in the loss of life, injury, or property damage.




School administrators and supervisors may be permitted to carry cell phones in sight due to administrative and safety responsibilities.  It is suggested that the phone be in the vibrate mode and used out of the sight of students whenever possible. No personal use of the cell phone is allowed except as provided above for the teachers and staff.




No employee of the Bossier Parish School Board shall utilize an electronic recording device to surreptitiously record a telephone or face-to-face conversation with any other person while the employee is on duty or where the communication concerns school matters.  To ensure compliance with this policy, and to protect the privacy rights of the individual who is subject to the use of a recording device, a school employee shall, prior to the initiation or use of any recording device to monitor a conversation with a third party, advise the third party that the conversation is being recorded and shall request the permission of the third party to record the conversation, which advice and consent for the recordation shall be documented at the beginning of the recordation of any such conversation.  If permission to record is denied by the third party, no employee shall surreptitiously record a conversation with any third party.


This policy shall have no application to the following:


  1. A recording made at the direct request and in conjunction with a member of a law enforcement agency pursuant to the investigation of criminal conduct by that agency;

  2. A recording made to preserve a criminal threat of personal injury or property damage by a third party, i.e. a bomb threat or threat to physically harm a teacher, student or other person;

  3. Due process hearings for employees or students where recordation of the proceedings is required by state law or Board policy, such as student suspension or expulsion hearings at the Superintendent level, or teacher tenure hearings before the Board.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยงยง14:40.3, 17:81, 17:239


Bossier Parish School Board