Any regular employee of the Bossier Parish School Board who is serving in the military service or in the armed forces of the United States shall be granted a leave of absence for the period dating from his/her induction, enlistment, enrollment, or call to service.   Such leave shall not affect tenure rights acquired prior thereto.  An employee, upon return, must apply for reinstatement to the former position within thirty (30) days after discharge or release from active duty.


An employee who is ordered to duty shall notify the immediate supervisor as early as possible so that scheduling arrangements can be made.  The employee shall also notify the Human Resources Department within three (3) days of receipt of orders and shall submit to the Human Resources Department a copy of the official orders.  While on military leave, employees shall continue to accrue leave and other benefits which they are entitled to receive in their normal assignment.


In the event of a national emergency, the School Board shall pay the employee an amount which when combined with the base pay for military service shall equal but not exceed the employee’s regular Board salary.  This arrangement shall remain in effect for the duration of the period of deployment.  As long as the employee continues to pay the employee’s contribution, the Board shall continue to pay the employer’s contribution to the Teachers’ Retirement System or Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System for these employees during the duration of the period of deployment.


The employee also has the option of continuing his/her dependent health insurance coverage by paying the regular monthly dependent coverage provisions.




All employees of the Board who are members of the Officers’ Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States, the National Guard of the United States, the Naval Reserve Corps, the Marine Corps Reserve, the Air Force Reserve, the Citizens’ Military Training Corps, or the Civil Air Patrol, either as officers or enlisted persons, are entitled to a leave of absence without loss of pay, time, annual leave, or efficiency rating, on all days which they are ordered  to duty with troops, or at field experiences, or for instruction, not to exceed fifteen (15) days in any one  calendar year, and when relieved from duty, are to be restored to the positions held by them when ordered to duty.


As professional educators interested in maintaining excellence in the educational system, it is expected that all teachers shall make every possible effort to schedule such military leaves during vacation periods.  This effort shall be considered as one of the specified duties of all teachers.


Except in the event of a declared national emergency, such leave in excess of fifteen (15) days in any one calendar year shall be leave without pay, unless the employee or teacher affected applies for, qualifies for, and is granted one of the other forms of leave provided by the Board.



Ref:    38 USC 4301-4333 (Employment and Re-employment Rights of Members of the Uniformed Services)

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:1215, 29:401, 29:402, 29:403, 29:404, 29:405, 29:406, 29:407, 29:410, 42:394, 42:401, 42:402, 42:403


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