The Bossier Parish School Board, cognizant of employees’ interest in serving the community, shall grant public service leave to those employees duly elected by public referendum to a public office created by legal decree.  Such service shall not adversely affect tenure or sabbatical leave status.


The hours an employee is absent from his/her specific School Board assignment while officially serving in the capacity of public official, shall be accounted for in units of a whole day and/or one-half day basis, not to exceed one and one-half (1½) days per month.  However, when extraordinary circumstances or situations arising from the responsibilities of the elected office conflict with this provision, necessary arrangements shall be resolved by the Superintendent.


Available personal leave and/or accumulated annual leave may be used to fulfill public service obligations, with the exception that annual leave may not be used when duties require daily contact with students.  When personal and/or annual leave is expended, the regular daily salary of the individual involved shall be reduced by an amount equal  one-half day’s or a whole day’s salary, based on the above stated unit system.




An employee of the Bossier Parish School Board appointed to serve as an election commissioner or clerk may be granted a leave of absence for that purpose.  The employee shall notify the Superintendent within five (5) days following the publication of the official list of commissioners and clerks and request that a leave of absence be granted.  Such leave, when approved, shall be leave without pay.  All requests of this type should be submitted sufficiently in advance of the required date of absence to enable administrative consideration and action on the request.



Ref:     La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:1171


Bossier Parish School Board