The Bossier Parish School Board has the responsibility to establish and maintain a quality program of instruction for all schools, elementary, middle, and high, of the school district.


The Superintendent shall be responsible for coordinating and maintaining the instructional program in accordance with the provisions of the state constitution, state statutes, rules and regulations of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), and the policies of the School Board.


The organization and scheduling of subjects in the curriculum of the school district shall conform to BESE requirements and statewide content standards for required subjects.  The curriculum shall provide learning experiences and prospective achievement for each child according to their individual needs and offer students a basic body of understanding, attitudes, knowledge, and skills.


By the end of the eighth (8th) grade, every student, with the assistance of his/her parent or legal guardian and school counselor, and for a student with an exceptionality, except a student identified as gifted or talented and who has no other exceptionality, the student’s Individualized Education Program team,if applicable, shall begin to develop an Individual Graduation Plan to guide future academic course work and to assist the student in exploring educational and career possibilities.  By the end of the tenth (10th) grade, each student's Individual Graduation Plan shall outline high school graduation requirements relevant to the student's chosen postsecondary goals.  Each student's Individual Graduation Plan shall be reviewed annually and revised as necessary to identify the courses to be taken each year until all required core courses are completed.  Upon completion of the review, each student’s Individual Graduation Plan shall be signed by the student, the student’s parent or other legal guardian, and the school counselor.


Prior to revising a student's Individual Graduation Plan, the school counselor shall meet with the student's parent or legal guardian either in person or virtually to explain the possible impacts the revisions to the plan might have on the student's graduation requirements and postsecondary education goals.  Any revisions to a student's plan shall be approved in writing by the student's parent or legal guardian.




The curriculum design within the high schools shall include a career major comprised of challenging academic courses and modern career and technical studies.  Such a curriculum design shall allow each high school student to choose a career option at the high school level, which includes activities designed to introduce students to occupations in demand in Louisiana.  The School Board shall develop and offer one or more career major programs aligned to state and regional workforce demands, pursuant to policies adopted by BESE.




BESE has granted school systems the authority to develop, review, and approve all locally-initiated electives, in accordance with the Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators, Bulletin 741.  The process shall ensure alignment with standards-based initiatives, compliance with current BESE policies, and all laws and regulations pertaining to students with disabilities.  Elective courses shall enhance, expand, and/or refine the core curriculum.  Elective courses shall not replace, duplicate, or significantly overlap the content of core curriculum or other approved electives.


Proper documentation of all approved electives shall be maintained by the School Board.


Revised:  July 18, 2013

Revised:  December 18, 2014

Revised:  November 4, 2021



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Board minutes, 7-18-13, 12-18-14, 11-4-21


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