The Bossier Parish School Board desires to promote collaborative efforts with community colleges, colleges, and universities in the area to enhance the educational opportunities of students in the parish.  Such programs provide students an opportunity to focus on career planning and course selection in high school based on their aptitudes and interests, course availability, and the employment opportunity of the community.  Curriculum coordination is also enhanced through such collaborative efforts between the School Board and other educational institutions, enabling students to make a smooth transition from one educational level to another without experiencing delays, duplication of coursework, or loss of credit.


In collaborating with any local community college, college, or university to provide instructional services, student services, and administrative assistance for students to obtain approved course credits, such arrangements shall be enumerated in a written agreement with responsibilities clearly delineated.  Such an endeavor shall provide students:



Student eligibility for courses, certification of courses, credit for satisfactory completion of courses taken, student fees to be charged, expenses of the Board, and other aspects of program administration shall also be spelled out in said agreement.


The administrators of the Bossier Parish School Board and the local community college, college, or university shall meet periodically per academic year to evaluate the progress of this endeavor and to determine the courses, locations, times, faculty, and any other matters essential to making student educational opportunities available.


Bossier Parish School Board