The Bossier Parish School Board (BPSB) recognizes that volunteers/chaperones can make many valuable contributions to the school.  Therefore, the School Board welcomes community members to serve as volunteers and chaperones in cooperation with the schools.


Appropriate effort shall be made to incorporate the use of school volunteers/chaperones into all schools as well as any or all other programs or activities of the school district.


Volunteers/chaperones shall meet certain requirements, including the following:


  1. Definitions and distinctions between the “volunteer’ and the “chaperone.”


    1. A volunteer is any adult that will have independent supervisory duties that could entail being separated from BPSB employees/sponsors.  Any adult that accompanies students on an overnight trip shall be classified as a volunteer.

    2. A chaperone is any adult present in order to maintain order or propriety at an activity where the adult remains under the supervision of the BPSB employee/sponsor at all times.  No adult may be classified as a chaperone if there is the possibility that the adult will be in the presence of students at the activity without a BPSB employee/sponsor present.


  1. The volunteer/chaperone shall not abuse any child or student by physical or emotional means or commit any criminal act involving a minor student.

  2. Every volunteer shall agree to undergo, and shall undergo, an extensive criminal background check as required by statute.  Chaperones will not be required to undergo said background checks.

  3. Every volunteer/chaperone shall agree not to use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs or be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drug while volunteering in any school-related program.


Revised:  March 2, 2023



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§15:587, 15:587.1, 17:15, 17:81

Board minutes, 3-2-23


Bossier Parish School Board