It is the policy of the Bossier Parish School Board that student academic progress shall be accessible to all students as well as to the parent or legal guardian or custodian of all students on an ongoing basis through a web-based portal.  Formative and summative assessment grades and overall averages shall be updated at least weekly to allow continuous monitoring of student academic progress.


Student progress is documented as part of the student’s academic cumulative record at these designated occurrences:


Grades K-8:



Grades 9-12:





Special Education students enrolled in the Alternative Special Education Program shall receive a School Board approved progress report which shall be clearly documented with comments regarding the student’s progress towards the goals and objectives developed in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Progress reports at all levels for students enrolled in Special Education, mandated by federal and state laws and regulations, shall be issued at the intervals utilized in each respective school in the district.


Revised:  November 21, 2019



Ref:    Board minutes, 11-21-19


Bossier Parish School Board