The Bossier Parish School Board believes homework to be an important resource in helping students learn and should be included as an integral part of the instructional program in grades K-12.  Meaningful and productive homework assignments can be a positive experience and provide students with the opportunity to:


  1. Increase time on the learning task.

  2. Reinforce skill development acquired in the classroom.

  3. Extend and enrich understanding of concepts.

  4. Acquire self-pacing and time management skills.

  5. Assume responsibility for independently completing tasks.


In schools under the jurisdiction of the Bossier Parish School Board, all homework assignments shall be:


  1. Related directly to curriculum work in the classroom.

  2. Designed to address the needs of the group and the individual student.

  3. Planned for the purpose of reinforcing, extending, enriching, and/or strengthening skills.

  4. Explained thoroughly in terms of content, process, and due date.

  5. Designed to be responsible and allow for student’s out-of-school responsibilities and schedules.

  6. Checked by the teacher on day that the assignment is due.




The School Board shall require all homework assignments to be reviewed and/or graded by the teacher.  Parents shall be informed when students repeatedly fail to return or complete assignments.


Bossier Parish School Board