The Bossier Parish School Board believes that school assemblies, programs, speeches, and special presentations are a vital part of the total educational program and should be used as a means of developing wholesome attitudes, knowledge, skills and good human relations.  The Board recognizes that the greatest value from these activities occurs when the activities are encouraged by the student body, interested members of the community, and the school staff and focus on the enhancement of the school curriculum. 


Therefore, the Board directs that any school assembly, program, speech, and/or presentation shall:


  1. Follow procedures and guidelines established by the principal within the school that shall ensure the proper protection of instructional time and the welfare of the students and staff.

  2. Require that all such activities be used for the purposes which benefit the student body of the school and not be used as a forum for the presenter/speaker to express his/her own personal agenda.

  3. Conform to all federal and state statutes and the regulations of the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  4. Fall under the direct supervision of the school principal, or principal’s designee, who shall be granted the authority to intercede and if necessary, dismiss such activities at his/her discretion.

  5. In general, such activities shall not be interrupted unless there is clear evidence the presentation lends itself to libel, obscenity, defamation, false statements, or advocating of racial or religious prejudice.


Bossier Parish School Board