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The Bossier Parish School Board and system believes in the philosophy that education is the foundation for building and improving a better way of life and enables each individual student to face the challenges of the global society.  Student’s conduct plays a vital role in being a successful contributor to society.


The Bossier Parish School Board expects students to be able to perform at his/her fullest potential.  In order to develop competent, responsible, motivated individuals, the School Board must provide a safe environment that is conducive to learning.  Therefore, students shall be expected to know and understand the following general rules of conduct and apply these rules on a daily basis.  Students shall be expected to:


  1. attend school whenever classes are in session,

  2. respect all school personnel and other students at all times,

  3. be on time for school and all classes,

  4. refrain from harassing, intimidating, or bullying anyone at school,

  5. know the rules, policies, and procedures of the school they attend and follow them at all times, and, in general, conduct themselves at all times in a manner that is educationally and socially acceptable at school and in society.


While the School Board cannot reasonably be expected to develop a student code of conduct in such detail as to anticipate every type of misconduct that could possibly occur, all students shall be charged with the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to good citizenship that is founded on the basic concept of respect and consideration for the rights of others.




Each school shall be authorized to develop specific rules and regulations as needed, consistent with policies of the School Board, which relate to the general welfare of the student body at that school.  All students shall be notified at the beginning of each school year of school rules regarding their conduct and treatment of teachers, employees, and other students.  Students shall be held strictly accountable for their conduct in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations, School Board policies, and rules of the school they attend.



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Bossier Parish School Board