The Bossier Parish School Board, in an attempt to provide a safe and healthy learning environment, recognizes that the accident/death of a student or staff member, or a threatened, attempted or completed suicide, or other crises, can have a traumatic effect on the school community and can occur at any time.  The Superintendent shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining pertinent activities to be conducted when a crisis occurs.


To provide leadership to the school in the event of a crisis situation, each school shall form a Crisis Intervention Team consisting of school counselors, school administrators, school substance abuse coordinator, School Building Level Committee chairman, and a staff member trained in CPR and First Aid.  Other professional personnel permanently assigned to the school may be added to a Crisis Intervention Team as may be designated by the principal. 



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ยง17:416.16


Bossier Parish School Board