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The Bossier Parish School Board recognizes that from time to time schools must attempt to generate funds to supply needed instructional materials and supplies, as well as provide other benefits to the school and student body.  All fees, fundraising activities, and other sources of student activity funds managed directly by the school shall require approval of the Superintendent and/or his/her designee.


General cash controls, receipt and disbursement of all monies, reports, and other accounting practices to be followed shall be in accordance with procedures outlined by the Superintendent and staff.  All teachers, principals, and any other school personnel who handle cash, receipts, or disbursements of school funds shall be required to abide by the stated guidelines.




The Bossier Parish School Board recognizes that citizens, students, Board personnel, other persons and organizations may wish to express support for a particular school or the school system by participating in school-sanctioned fundraising activities.  The Board shall require that such fundraising projects be conducted so that they do not interfere with educational objectives or community standards.


Any school club or organization shall request permission from the principal prior to engaging in a fundraising activity.  Plans for such activities should be made well in advance of the event, and the total fundraising efforts in a school shall be limited based on needs.


Specific guidelines regarding fundraising activities shall be developed and disseminated to inform teachers, students and parents of these standards.  They shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:


  1. The principal must assure compliance with local and federal restrictions.

  2. Items being sold must be appropriate for the community.

  3. Sales and solicitations should not interfere with the school day and/or interrupt instructional time.

  4. Sales and solicitations off campus shall be under the supervision of the principal, teacher, or sponsor.

  5. All school and/or school organization fundraising activities should be fully documented and accounted for within the school financial records.


The School Board shall prohibit door-to-door soliciting or sales involving students at any grade level.  However, this prohibition does not preclude organized off-campus fundraising activities done under the direct supervision of faculty, booster groups, or other adults, if such activities are approved by the principal.  Other special sales or solicitations for advertisements may be conducted by phone or mail.  If personal visits by students become necessary, they shall be restricted to businesses only, and the students must be in groups of at least two (2).



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Bossier Parish School Board