The Bossier Parish School Board reaffirms its commitment to school and community relations because of its conviction that the schools of the district belong to the people who created them by consent and support them through taxation; schools are strengthened through the knowledgeable and informed support of the people of the community.  The support of the people must be based on their knowledge of, their understanding about and their participation in the aims and efforts of the public schools of the community.  It is therefore the desire and intent of the Board:


  1. To keep the citizens of the community informed on the general policies, programs of instruction, building programs, fiscal policies, special activities and projects;

  2. To solicit the thinking of the people through advisory committees appointed by the Board and/or the Superintendent to consider problems which affect the future; and

  3. To continually stress academic excellence in the schools and the policy to employ the finest staff.


Bossier Parish School Board