13:3204  Service of process


A. In a suit under R.S. 13:3201, a certified copy of the citation or the notice in a divorce under Civil Code Article 102 and of the petition or a certified copy of a contradictory motion, rule to show cause, or other pleading filed by the plaintiff in a summary proceeding under Code of Civil Procedure Article 2592 shall be sent by counsel for the plaintiff, or by the plaintiff if not represented by counsel, to the defendant by registered or certified mail, or actually delivered to the defendant by commercial courier, when the person to be served is located outside of this state or by an individual designated by the court in which the suit is filed, or by one authorized by the law of the place where the service is made to serve the process of any of its courts of general, limited, or small claims jurisdiction.


B. If service of process cannot be made on the nonresident by registered or certified mail or by actual delivery, the court shall order that service of process be made on an attorney at law appointed to represent the defendant pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure Article 5091.


C. Service of process so made has the same legal force and validity as personal service on the defendant in this state.


D. For purposes of this Section, a "commercial courier" is any foreign or domestic business entity having as its primary purpose the delivery of letters and parcels of any type, and which:


(1) Acquires a signed receipt from the addressee, or the addressee's agent, of the letter or parcel upon completion of delivery.


(2) Has no direct or indirect interest in the outcome of the matter to which the letter or parcel concerns.


Added by Acts 1964, No. 47, § 3.  Amended by Acts 1989, No. 120, § 1;  Acts 1992, No. 787, § 1;  Acts 1995, No. 205, § 1;  Acts 1995, No. 331, § 1;  Acts 1995, No.  943, § 1;  Acts 1999, No.  395, § 2;  Acts 2003, No. 619, § 1.