Title 17. Education

Chapter 1. General School Law

Part II. Parish School Boards

Subpart B. Powers and Duties of School Boards and Parish Superintendents



17:100.12     Systemwide needs program


A. (1) There is hereby established for each school district as defined in R.S. 17:100.11(I) a systemwide needs program. The program shall be funded, structured, and operated as provided in this Section and by policies adopted by the school board. 


(2) The purpose of the program is to direct initiatives that will result in districtwide improvements in areas that can be more efficiently and effectively addressed at the system level than at the school level. 


B. The school district shall create a special fund for the purpose of dedicating money to the program. The district shall annually deposit into the fund one hundred twenty dollars per student in the district less the district’s expenditures that year for costs identified in R.S. 17:1990(C)(2)(a)(iii)(aa)(I) through (IV). The office provided for in Subsection C of this Section shall receive ten dollars per student in the district from the fund. The school board may adjust this amount on an annual basis by the lesser of the most recent annual percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index published by the United States Department of Labor or the percentage increase in the minimum foundation program formula funds from the prior to the current year. 


C. The school board shall create an office to manage and oversee the program. To the extent that funds are available, the office shall perform the following functions: 


(1) Oversee the planning, development, engagement, and execution of the improvement plans provided for in Subsection D of this Section. 


(2) Collect, analyze, and report on systemwide needs program performance data. 


(3) Track key plan and program outputs, performance outcomes, and expenditure of funds. 


(4) Monitor service offerings by funding recipients and tracking performance objectives. 


(5) Perform administrative tasks related to the competitive process provided for in Subsection F of this Section, data management, and program budgeting. 


(6) Oversee contract development and management. 


D. The superintendent shall: 


(1) Develop and propose plans for improvement in particular areas of focus. The superintendent shall propose an improvement plan to use the systemwide needs fund to support one or more areas of focus for no less than three years and shall propose new areas of focus and improvement plans for school board approval not more frequently than once every three years. The superintendent shall develop such plans and proposed areas of focus in collaboration with school leaders in the school district as more specifically provided by school board policy. 


(2) Include related performance objectives and a proposed level of funding in any plan for improvement in an area of focus. 


(3) Submit such plans to the school board for approval; such approval requires a majority vote of the entire membership of the board. The superintendent shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the school board that an area of focus will impact at least fifty percent of the public school students or fifty percent of the public schools over the course of the funding cycle for the area of focus. 


(4) Consider how the expenditures from the fund could be coordinated with other funds in order to increase the effectiveness of the program. 


(5) Annually report to the school board on the performance objectives and the expenditure of funds for the program. 


E. The school board may approve a plan and proposed areas of focus and appropriate expenditures from the fund therefor. 


F. (1) The superintendent shall implement an approved plan by awarding funds through a competitive process according to policies developed by the school board. Funds may be expended directly by the district. Funds awarded to schools may be used only for the following purposes: 


(a) Procuring materials, services, or other supports from district-approved organizations or vendors. 


(b) Providing services for students systemwide that are aligned with one or more board-approved areas of focus. 


(2) An applicant for funds shall demonstrate how the proposed good or service will contribute to the achievement of the goals and objectives of the approved plan. 


(3) An applicant for funds shall demonstrate that at least twenty-five percent of the funds it will expend to achieve its proposal are from sources other than this program. 


(4) Funding applications shall be approved according to school board policy. No expenditure shall be made from the fund except as provided in this Subsection. No expenditure of funds shall be made in excess of the amount approved by the school board for a particular area of focus. 


Added by Acts 2019, No. 430, § 1. Amended by Acts 2023, No. 55, § 1.