17:395         Statement of purpose

  A. The purpose of this Part is to provide supplemental funds for the delivery of supplemental remedial instruction adapted for those eligible students in the elementary and secondary schools of this state as set forth in the city and parish school board pupil progression plans approved by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. A program of remedial education shall be put into place by local parish and city parish school systems following regulations adopted by the Department of Education and approved by the state board pursuant to R.S. 17:24.4. All eligible students shall be provided with appropriate remedial instruction.

  B. Student mastery of grade appropriate skills remediated in English language arts and mathematics shall be evaluated in terms of mastery criteria established through the city and parish pupil progression plans as approved by the department and state board. Beyond the goal of achievement in grade appropriate skills, additional goals of this Part are to give students a sense of success, prevent their alienation from school, and prevent their early departure from school.

  C. Instruction in the state-funded remedial program shall be based on student deficits as identified through the state testing program in English language arts and mathematics. Included in the instruction shall be the mastery of the prerequisite skills in the areas of deficiency.

  D. The parish and city school boards shall develop, as part of their pupil progression plans, mastery criteria based on the state board-approved Louisiana state standards. These mastery criteria shall be used in determining the extent of student achievement in those grade appropriate skills of English language arts and mathematics in which he was found deficient. The parish and city school boards shall describe the methods used to measure student achievement of these criteria.

  E. Each student achieving mastery criteria shall continue receiving instruction for maintenance of grade appropriate skills. The amount of instruction shall be based upon student need.

Acts 1986, No. 698, Sec. 1, eff. June 1, 1987.