17:438      Permitted withholdings; exceptions

  A. Any teacher or other employee of a parish or city school board may authorize his employing school board to deduct and withhold from his earnings a specific amount for such pay periods as may be designated, for the payment of regular dues owed by such teacher or other employee to any organization of teachers or other school employees.

  B. No deduction shall be made from the earnings of any teacher or other employee for the purpose permitted by this Section unless fifty or more teachers or other employees or ten percent of the total number of employees, including teachers, whichever is less have requested such deduction be made and the deduction is specifically and voluntarily authorized in writing by the teacher or other employee. If such authority is provided and a request for such deduction made, the school board shall honor the request and provide for the deduction; however, if any system documents to the satisfaction of the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education that it has already acquired payroll checks that will not accommodate the request, the school board shall provide for such deduction as soon as possible but, in no case later than the beginning of the school year following the request.

  C. Any amount withheld in accordance with the provisions of this Section shall be remitted to the organization designated on a regularly scheduled basis as determined by the employing board.

  D. This Section shall not apply to a city or parish school board operating under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement applicable to teachers employed by the board.

Added by Acts 1992, No. 1076, Sec. 1, eff. July 14, 1992.