Title 17. Education

Chapter 8. Education of Students with Exceptionalities

Part I. Educational Opportunities for Students with Exceptionalities



17:1948      Cameras in certain classrooms; definitions; required policies; confidentiality; authorization of funding


A. The governing authority of each public elementary and secondary school shall adopt policies relative to the installation and operation of cameras that record both video and audio in a classroom upon the written request of a parent or legal guardian. 


B. For purposes of this Section, “classroom” shall mean a self-contained classroom or other special education setting in which a majority of students in regular attendance are provided special education and related services and are assigned to one or more self-contained classrooms or other special education settings for at least fifty percent of the instructional day and for which a parent or legal guardian has requested a camera to be installed. “Classroom” shall not mean special education classrooms and other special education settings where the only students with exceptionalities receiving special education and related services are those who have been deemed to be gifted or talented and have not been identified as also having a disability.


C. The policies shall include provisions for the following: 


(1) The location and placement of cameras, including a prohibition against the recording of the interior of a restroom or any area designated for students to change or remove clothing. 


(2) Written notice of the placement of the cameras to be provided to persons who enter a classroom where a camera is installed, including teachers and other school employees, students in the classroom, the students’ parents and legal guardians, and authorized visitors. 


(3) Training concerning the provisions of this Section for any teacher or other school employee who provides services in a classroom where cameras are installed. 


(4) The retention, storage, and disposal of the video and audio data recorded, including a requirement that the recordings be retained for at least one month from the recording date. 


(5) Protecting student privacy and for determining to whom and under what circumstances the recordings may be disclosed including: 


(a) Limiting viewing of the recordings to the superintendent or his designee and the parent or legal guardian of a recorded student upon request. 


(b) Requiring any person who views a recording and who suspects the recordings show a violation of state or federal law to report the suspected violation to the appropriate law enforcement agency. 


(6) Requiring each camera installed to be in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code. 


(7) Procedures for the approval or disapproval of a request for the installation and operation of cameras in a classroom. 


(8) Procedures regarding how a parent or legal guardian may request to review a recording, under what circumstances a request may be made, and any limitations to a request. 


D. (1) Recordings made pursuant to this Section shall be confidential and shall not be public record. However, a recording may be viewed by the superintendent or his designee, the parent or legal guardian of a recorded student, or by law enforcement officials as provided in the policies required by Paragraph (C)(5) of this Section. 


(2) The recordings shall not be considered “personally identifiable information” as defined in R.S. 17:3914. 


E. The governing authority of each public elementary and secondary school is authorized to accept, administer, and make use of federal, state, and local funds, any public and private grants and donations, and, when considered appropriate and feasible, to accept nonmonetary resources in the form of services or equipment for use in connection with the installation and operation of cameras pursuant to this Section. 


F. The state Department of Education shall assist public school governing authorities in identifying state and federal funds that may be used for the installation and operation of cameras pursuant to this Section. 


G. As specific funding becomes available for this purpose, each public school governing authority shall implement the provisions of this Section. 


Added by Acts 2021, No. 456, § 1, eff. June 23, 2021