Title 17. Education

Chapter 8. Education of Students with Exceptionalities

Part II-D. Thrive Academy


17:1974         Board of directors; creation; membership; terms; powers; voting; compensation


<For effective date of this section, see italic note following this section> 


A. There is hereby created a board of directors for the school, hereinafter in this Part referred to as the “board”. The board shall be composed of nine members as follows: 


(1) A member selected by the state superintendent of education. 


(2) The superintendent of schools for East Baton Rouge Parish or his designee. 


(3) The chairman of the House Committee on Education or his designee. 


(4) The chairman of the Senate Committee on Education or his designee. 


(5) One member who shall be appointed by the governor. 


(6) One teacher who shall be a member of the faculty of the school and who shall be elected by the members of the faculty. 


(7) The secretary of the Department of Children and Family Services or his designee. 


(8) The president of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents or his designee. 


(9) The district attorney of East Baton Rouge Parish or his designee. 


B. The terms of the members of the board shall be four years. 


C. Six members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and all official action of the board shall require the favorable vote of a majority of those members present and voting. 


D. The board may: 


(1) Accept donations, bequests, or other forms of financial assistance for educational purposes from any public or private person or agency and comply with rules and regulations governing grants from the federal government or from any other person or agency, which are not in contravention of the constitution and laws. 


(2) Purchase land and equipment and make improvements to facilities necessary for the use of the school, in accordance with applicable law. 


(3) Lease land or other property belonging to it or to the school, subject to approval of the commissioner of administration and in accordance with law. 


(4) Sell or exchange land or other real property not needed for school purposes, but only when specifically authorized by law and then only in accordance with the procedures provided in R.S. 41:892 for the sale of unused school lands. The sale shall be authorized by resolution adopted by the board, and the act of sale shall be signed by the president of the board or such other person to whom the signing may be delegated by the board in the authorizing resolution. 


(5) Adopt rules, regulations, and policies necessary or proper for the conduct of the business of the board. 


(6) Award certificates and issue diplomas for successful completion of programs of study. All such certificates and diplomas shall be in addition to a regular high school diploma which shall be issued by the state board in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 17:6(A)(11) to any student who successfully completes the program of study adopted by the board. 


(7) Enter into contracts and agreements which have been recommended by the director, in accordance with applicable law, and to the extent that funds are specifically appropriated therefor, with other public agencies with respect to cooperative enterprises and undertakings related to or associated with an educational purpose or program affecting education in the school. This shall not preclude the board from entering into other such contracts and agreements that it deems necessary to carry out its duties and functions. 


(8) Perform such other functions as are necessary for the supervision and control of the school. 


E. In addition to the authorities granted by this Section and any powers, duties, and responsibilities vested by any other applicable laws, the board shall: 


(1) Adopt rules, regulations, and policies, including a student handbook, that are necessary for the efficient operation of the school. 


(2) Establish criteria to be used in determining eligibility of applicants for enrollment. In enrolling students, preference shall be given to students with the greatest need based on the criteria specified in R.S. 17:1972(1) as determined by the board. No student shall be enrolled without the written consent of the student’s parent or legal guardian. 


(3) Prescribe and select for use in the school free textbooks and other materials of instruction for children enrolled in the school and programs under its jurisdiction. 


(4) Enter into an agreement, as recommended by the director, with a city, parish, and other local public school system for the enrollment of a student who otherwise would have attended school in the local public school system. 


(5) Select a director who shall be the chief administrative officer of the school and who shall administer the rules, regulations, and policies adopted by the board. The board shall delegate to the director such of its powers and duties as it deems appropriate to aid the director in the efficient administration of his responsibility for the implementation of the policies of the board. The director shall be responsible for all the administrative functions, duties, and needs of the board including but not limited to the following: 


(a) Preparing an annual budget necessary for the continued operation of the school and submitting such budget to the board for adoption. 


(b) Paying the expenses of the board and its members and the salaries and expenses, including but not restricted to facilities, equipment, and supplies of the faculty and staff of the school out of funds appropriated or otherwise made available for the operating and administrative expenses of the board and the school. 


(c) Exercising budgetary responsibility and allocating for expenditure by the school all monies appropriated or otherwise made available for purposes of the board and the school. 


(d) Developing and annually updating a student handbook including but not limited to all rules, regulations, and policies for the disciplining of students and submitting such handbook to the board for adoption as provided in Paragraph (1) of this Subsection. 


(e) Determining faculty and staff positions necessary for the efficient operation of the school and selecting personnel for such positions. 


(6) Create an advisory panel consisting of a representative from each city, parish, and other local public school system that has entered into an agreement with the board for the enrollment of a student who otherwise would have attended school in the local public school system. The representative shall be selected by the local superintendent of the system. The advisory panel shall advise and provide assistance to the board on matters affecting the school as determined by the board. 


F. Members of the board shall not receive any compensation for their service as members. 


G. The school shall act as its own local education agency. 


Added by Acts 2016, No. 672, § 1, eff. Oct. 1, 2016.