17:2354.8      Donor registry


A. The secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals may establish or contract for the establishment of a donor registry.


B. The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections, office of motor vehicles, shall cooperate with any person administering any donor registry that this state establishes, contracts for, or recognizes for the purpose of transferring to the donor registry all relevant information regarding the making, amendment to, or revocation of an anatomical gift.


C. A donor registry shall be accessible seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day and allow each of the following:


(1) A donor or other person authorized in accordance with R.S. 17:2352 to include on the donor registry a statement or symbol that the donor has made, amended, or revoked an anatomical gift.


(2) A procurement organization to obtain relevant information to determine, at or near death of the donor or a prospective donor, whether the donor or prospective donor has made, amended, or revoked an anatomical gift.


D. Personally identifiable information on a donor registry may not be used or disclosed without the express consent of the donor, prospective donor, or person that made the anatomical gift, for any purpose except to determine, at or near the death of the donor, whether he has made, amended, or revoked an anatomical gift.


E. This Section does not prohibit any person from creating or maintaining a donor registry that is not established by or contracted with the state.  Any such registry shall comply with Subsections C and D of this Section.


Acts 2010, No. 937, ยง 2, eff. July 1, 2010.