Title 17. Education

Chapter 20-G. M.J. Foster Promise Program



17:3047.1       Advisory council; membership; responsibilities


A. The Board of Regents shall establish an advisory council to identify programs in which an eligible student may enroll to receive an award pursuant to this Chapter. The identified programs shall be known as “qualified programs”. 


B. The advisory council shall be comprised of the following members or their designees: 


(1) The chancellor of Louisiana State University at Eunice. 


(2) The chancellor of Southern University at Shreveport. 


(3) The president of the Louisiana Community and Technical College System. 


(4) The commissioner of higher education. 


(5) The state superintendent of education. 


(6) The secretary of the Louisiana Department of Economic Development. 


(7) The secretary of the Louisiana Workforce Commission. 


(8) The chairman of the Louisiana Workforce Investment Council. 


(9) The secretary of the Louisiana Department of Revenue. 


C. By January 1, 2022, and at least once every three years thereafter, the advisory council shall review the workforce priorities of the state and each of its workforce regions and designate qualified programs. 


D. The process for selecting qualified programs by the advisory council shall include: 


(1) The identification of not more than five industry sectors that are predominated by high-demand, high-wage jobs that are aligned to workforce priorities of the state and each of its workforce regions and identify high-demand, high-wage jobs in each of the sectors. 


(2) A review of the postsecondary education requirements of each job identified pursuant to Paragraph (1) of this Subsection. 


(3) A review of the public postsecondary education and proprietary school programs, at the associate degree level or below, that offer credentials and degrees that are aligned to the identified jobs in each industry sector. 


(4) The designation of programs that offer the credentials and degrees identified pursuant to Paragraph (3) of this Subsection as “qualified programs”. 


(5) A review of the return on the state’s investment in awards made to recipients who completed a qualified program. 


E. Identification of industry sectors; high-demand, high-wage jobs; and the required degrees and credentials of the identified jobs shall, at a minimum, be based upon the following: 


(1) A review of the most current statewide and regional industry and occupational forecasts as approved by the Occupational Forecasting Conference and the Louisiana Workforce Investment Council. 


(2) A review of nationally recognized databases for industry and occupational projections. 


(3) Input from the regional development organization in each region. 


F. The advisory council shall identify and assist in the establishment of mechanisms to support award recipients to complete a qualified program and gain employment in the associated high-demand, high-wage jobs. Such mechanisms shall include the provision of college academic and career counseling and employer partnerships for developing mentorship programs and work-based learning experiences. 


Added by Acts 2021, No. 457, § 1, eff. June 23, 2021.