Title 17. Education

Chapter 20-G. M.J. Foster Promise Program



17:3047.7       Reporting system; implementation; requirements; applicability; participation by eligible institutions


A. (1) The administering agency shall develop and implement a uniform information reporting system for the purposes of policy analysis and program evaluation and for providing accurate data and statistics to the legislature, the governor, appropriate executive branch agencies, and the public relative to the effectiveness of the award provided pursuant to this Chapter. 


(2) The reporting system shall include data on all award recipients. 


(3) Compliance with the requirements of the information reporting system shall be a condition for a postsecondary education institution to remain eligible to receive payments from the state on behalf of an award recipient. Compliance determinations shall be made annually by the administering agency. 


B. The information reporting system shall include the following: 


(1) The mean length of time required for award recipients to complete a qualified program as compared to other completers of the program who did not receive the award. 


(2) Demographic information of award recipients, including age, race, gender, and household income. 


(3) Pre- and post-award employment information, including employment status, annual wages, and employer’s industry sector. 


(4) Recidivism rates of award recipients. 


C. The administering agency shall, with the cooperation and assistance of the state’s public two-year institutions of postsecondary education and proprietary schools, annually query each first-time award recipient to determine the extent receiving the award influenced the recipient’s decision to enroll in postsecondary education. 


D. Not later than December first of each year, the administering agency shall submit a written report including all of the information required by this Section for the preceding academic year to the Senate Committee on Education and the House Committee on Education. 


E. All information reported pursuant to this Section shall be reported in the aggregate only and shall contain no personally identifiable information. 


Added by Acts 2021, No. 457, § 1, eff. June 23, 2021.