Title 17. Education

Chapter 25-a. Articulation and Transfer



17:3166      Student counseling


A. The Board of Regents shall develop and maintain a comprehensive, web-based system to provide information to students, advisers, and faculty regarding statewide articulation and transfer policies and requirements. This system shall include information relative to: 


(1) The Statewide Articulation and Transfer Council. 


(2) The statewide articulation agreement. 


(3) The statewide course numbering system. 


(4) Articulation policies and rules. 


(5) General education courses and common degree program prerequisites. 


(6) Course and degree requirements for all fields of study. 


(7) Planning and advising resources. 


B. Each educational institution shall designate an existing staff or faculty member to serve as a transfer counselor to advise students and administer articulation and transfer functions and operations. 


Added by Acts 2009, No. 356, § 1, eff. July 6, 2009. Amended by Acts 2021, No. 275, § 4.