Title 17. Education

Chapter 26. Colleges and Universities

Part XII. Campus Accountability and Safety



17:3399.13        Mandatory reporting of power-based violence


A. Except as provided in Subsection C of this Section, a responsible employee who receives a direct statement regarding or witnesses an incident of power-based violence committed by or against a student shall promptly report the incident to the institution’s Title IX coordinator. 


B. A responsible employee who receives information regarding retaliation against a person for reporting power-based violence shall promptly report the retaliation to the institution’s Title IX coordinator. 


C. A responsible employee is not required to make a report if information is received under any of the following circumstances: 


(1) During a public forum or awareness event in which an individual discloses an incident of power-based violence as part of educating others. 


(2) Disclosure is made in the course of academic work consistent with the assignment. 


(3) Disclosure is made indirectly, such as in the course of overhearing a conversation. 


D. A report under this Section shall include the following information if known: 


(1) The identity of the alleged victim. 


(2) The identity of the alleged perpetrator. 


(3) The type of power-based violence or retaliation alleged to have been committed. 


(4) Any other information about witnesses, location, date, and time that the incident occurred. 


Acts 2021, No. 439, § 2 and  Acts 2021, No. 472, § 2, eff. June 29, 2021.