17:3802    Appropriations;  procedure;  limitation;  administration


A. (1) Consistent with the provisions of the Constitution of Louisiana, the legislature shall appropriate the total amount of the funds in the Louisiana Quality Education Support Fund, hereinafter referred to as the "support fund", intended for higher educational purposes to the Board of Regents and the total amount intended for elementary and secondary educational purposes to the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education itemized by program or other recipient purpose.  Such itemization shall occur in both the executive budget and in the general appropriation bill and, except as otherwise provided by the constitution, budget and appropriation functions shall be conducted as provided by law.  Passage of the general appropriation bill shall constitute legislative approval of the programs or purposes to which money is appropriated.


(2) Appropriations shall be allocated to the recipients and warranted from the treasury by the respective boards, as needed and in amounts, the total of which in any fiscal year, do not exceed the total appropriation for the item.  Each board shall act as a fiscal manager for the disbursement of support fund monies, as provided in this Section and the constitution.


B. All monies appropriated, as provided in this Section, which remain unallocated or for which no bona fide liability exists, pursuant to R.S. 39:136.1, shall remain to the credit of the respective board to which the money was originally appropriated to be added to the support fund sum for appropriation in the year succeeding the determination of the actual amount of such balance.  In addition, any revenues or interest earnings which are deposited in the support fund in any fiscal year, but were not appropriated for that year, shall remain to the credit of the respective boards for appropriation in the succeeding year.


C. (1) Certain costs of the education boards attributable to meeting the requirements of the constitution to select programs, develop a proposed program and budget, act as fiscal managers in allocating funds, and other administrative responsibilities insofar as management of the support fund are concerned are acknowledged as inherent and properly paid out of support fund monies.


(2) Appropriations to cover such administrative costs, however, shall be limited and regulated in order to maximize the funds available for improving the quality of education as follows:


(a) No more than three percent of the average annual amount of actual expenditures by each board for the most recent three previous fiscal years for which actual expenditures are available shall be appropriated for such purposes to each board, subject to a thorough review, with the goal of limiting such costs to those necessary and proper, by appropriate executive agencies during the budget process and the legislature and its agencies during the appropriation process.


(b) Appropriations for salaries and benefits shall be made only to pay persons employed on a full time basis whose proportional time is spent in pursuit of the functions described in Paragraph (1) of this Subsection.


(c) No costs directly attributable to a member of the Board of Regents or the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, such as travel or per diem shall be paid from support fund monies.


(d) The education funds committee shall annually review all administrative expenditures and report to the legislature as to the efficiency of such administration as well as to any recommended changes.


(3) The education boards may allow the use of a portion of the money allocated by them for approved programs or purposes for the recovery of verified indirect costs relative to such programs pursuant to procedures adopted by the boards.


(4) Costs attributable to the state treasurer exercising responsibility for the custody, investment, and disbursement of the monies in the Kevin P. Reilly, Sr. Louisiana Education Quality Trust Fund, and the support fund are administrative costs properly paid out of support fund monies, and shall be paid by appropriation from the support fund.  Such costs include costs attributable to fees charged by any financial institution for providing custodial services not to exceed two percent of amounts managed costs incurred for outside investment managers for the investment and management of the Permanent Trust Fund not to exceed two percent of amounts managed and other direct costs incurred by the treasurer.  Other costs related to these funds shall be paid by appropriation from the state general fund.  All appropriations made to, or upon the request of, the state treasurer, related to the management of either the Kevin P. Reilly, Sr. Louisiana Education Quality Trust Fund, or the support fund shall be subject to review of the education funds committee.


(5) Costs attributable to the Board of Regents and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education for use of external peer-review consultants for purposes of review, evaluation, and assessment of program proposals are recognized as costs appropriately borne by the respective support fund programs and shall be paid from the category of expenditure related to the program for which the review, evaluation, and assessment applies.


Added by Acts 1989, No. 675, § 1, eff. July 1, 1989.  Amended by Acts 1994, 3rd Ex.Sess., No. 136, § 2, eff. Jan. 1, 1995;  Acts 1998, 1st Ex.Sess., No. 151, § 1, eff. July 1, 1999;  Acts 2001, No. 698, § 1;  Acts 2006, No. 703, § 1, eff. June 29, 2006;  Acts 2012, No. 841, § 1;  Acts 2013, No. 56, § 1, eff. May 29, 2013.