17:3978      Charter school proposals; applicants; content

 A. Any of the following may propose a charter for consideration by a local school board establishing a charter school demonstration program, provided that the group submitting the charter school proposal includes three or more persons holding valid and current Louisiana teaching certificates:

(1) A group of three or more teachers.

(2) A group of ten or more citizens.

(3) A public service organization.

(4) A business or corporate entity.

(5) A Louisiana college or university.

 B. A charter school proposal as well as any approved charter shall include but not be limited to the following items:

 (1) A description of how the proposed charter school fulfills the purposes specified in this Chapter.

 (2) A description of the education program offered by the school and the extent to which at-risk pupils will be served.

 (3) A listing of admission requirements and their rationale.

 (4) The specific academic and other educational results to be achieved, the timelines for such achievement, and how results will be measured and assessed.

 (5) An agreement to provide a report at the end of each semester to parents of students enrolled in the school, the community, the local school board and the state board indicating progress toward meeting the performance objectives as stated in the charter.

 (6) The organizational, governance, and operational structure of the school.

 (7) Policies, programs, and practices to ensure parental involvement.

 (8) Personnel policies and employment practices applicable to the school's officers and employees.

 (9) Manner in which teachers and other school employees will be evaluated.

 (10) School rules and regulations applicable to pupils including disciplinary policies and procedures.

 (11) Information concerning the school location and the adequacy of its facilities and equipment. Such information shall include a statement of the procedures to be followed and disposition of facilities and equipment should the charter be terminated or not renewed.

(12) Management and accounting practices to be employed.

(13) Provisions regarding liability issues.

(14) Types and amounts of insurance coverage provided.

 (15) The methods and procedures to be used for monitoring the charter school by the local school board. Such methods and procedures shall be established through agreement by all parties and shall include the right of the local school board and the designated school system officer to visit and inspect the charter school on a reasonable basis.

 C. In addition to the requirements of Subsection B of this Section, a charter school proposal as well as any approved charter shall include the following:

 (1) A requirement that curriculum shall be focused on the intellectual domain with intellectual development defined as acquisition of discrete, technical academic skills.

 (2) A requirement that pupils shall be tested regularly on each subject and that graded tests shall be sent home with the child's progress reported to parents in letter or numerical grades.

 (3) A requirement that a pupil shall have a mastery of grade-appropriate skills before the pupil can be recommended for promotion or promoted.

Added by Acts 1995, No. 192, Sec. 1, eff. June 14, 1995.