17:3991.1    Corporate partners; enrollment preferences and board membership


A. The legislature finds and declares that:


(1) The economic vitality of the state is dependent upon the education of its people, including its current and future workforce.


(2) The performance of Louisiana's public education system is critical in providing every Louisiana child with the ability to graduate equipped to enter college or the workplace, obtain a rewarding and self-sustaining career, and contribute to society in meaningful ways.


(3) High-quality educational options are essential to the academic growth of Louisiana's students and the ability of the state to attract businesses, a highly talented workforce, and expand existing businesses.


(4) Partnerships between businesses and the state's public education system can result in positive outcomes for children, providing much needed resources for schools and rich experiences for students to help prepare them to be effective employees and productive citizens.


B.(1) Notwithstanding geographic or other requirements for enrollment contained in this Chapter, a charter agreement may provide, initially or by amendment, for the enrollment of and an enrollment preference for dependent children of permanent employees of a corporate partner as defined by Subsection C of this Section.  Up to fifty percent of the school's maximum enrollment may be reserved for the enrollment of such children.  The charter agreement shall specify both the school's maximum enrollment and the maximum proportion set aside for implementation of this enrollment preference.


(2) A charter agreement may provide, initially or by amendment, for a corporate partner to have representation on its governing or management board;  however, such representation may not constitute a majority of the board.  Such membership is subject to all other provisions of law except any contrary provision in this Chapter.


C. For purposes of this Section, a corporate partner is any legal entity, whether for profit or not for profit, registered with the secretary of state, except a corporation identified in R.S. 18:1505.2(L)(3), that has, acting individually or as part of a consortium of corporations, donated one or more of the following to the school:


(1) The land on which the school is built.


(2) The school building or the space the school occupies.  If the corporate partner is leasing the building or space to the school, the enrollment preference or board membership may only be provided in the charter agreement if the lease provides that the building or space is made available without cost and if the term of the lease is not less than the duration of the charter agreement.


(3) Major renovations to the existing school building or other capital improvements including major investments in technology.  For purposes of this Paragraph, a major renovation to the existing school building means changes that provide significant opportunities for substantial improvement including but not limited to a structural change to the foundation, roof, floor, or interior or exterior walls or extension of an existing facility to increase its floor area;  or an extensive alteration of an existing facility, such as a change in its function or purpose, even if such renovation does not include any structural change to the facility.  A major investment in technology includes but is not limited to a donation of hardware, software, Internet access, Internet hardware, enterprise systems, software licenses, smart board technology, or audiovisual equipment.  The value of a major renovation or of an investment of technology shall be equal to at least fifty percent of the per pupil allocation of state funds by the minimum foundation program formula for that year for the parish in which the school is located multiplied by the school's enrollment as defined in the charter agreement.


D. For the duration of the enrollment preference specified in Paragraph (B)(1) of this Section, the corporate partner shall enter annually into a memorandum of understanding with the charter school with which it has entered into a partnership which memorandum shall specify the methods by which the corporate partner shall support the charter school, including but not limited to internships for students, career counseling, academic tutoring, or enrichment activities.


E. (1) An enrollment preference pursuant to Paragraph (B)(1) of this Section shall not be implemented in a way that displaces children enrolled at the school at the time the charter agreement or amendment providing for the preference is authorized.


(2) Enrollment at the school shall otherwise be as provided by this Chapter except that the requirement of R.S. 17:3991(B)(1)(a)(i) shall apply to and be based upon only students who are not dependent children of permanent employees of a corporate partner.


Added by Acts 2011, No. 417, ยง 1, eff. July 12, 2011.