Title 17. Education

Chapter 50. Taylor Opportunity Program for Students

Part I. General

Subpart B. Initial Eligibility Requirements


17:5025.1      High school core curriculum requirements; Opportunity, Performance, Honors; students graduating prior to 2007-2008 school year


To be eligible for an Opportunity, Performance, or Honors Award pursuant to this Chapter, a student who graduated from high school prior to the 2007-2008 school year shall have successfully completed a core curriculum which consists of sixteen and one-half units of high school course work as follows:


(1) English I, II, III, and IV (four units).


(2) Algebra I (one unit) or Applied Algebra 1A and 1B (two units) and Algebra II (one unit).


(3) Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, or comparable Advanced Mathematics (one unit; however, Trigonometry is not an option for meeting this requirement for students graduating after the 2004-2005 school year).


(4) Biology (one unit).


(5) Chemistry (one unit).


(6) Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physical Science, Biology II, Chemistry II, Physics, Physics II, Physics for Technology, or Agriscience I and II (both for one unit)(one unit).


(7) American History (one unit).


(8) World History, Western Civilization, or World Geography (one unit).


(9) Civics and Free Enterprise (one unit combined) or Civics (one unit, nonpublic).


(10) Fine Arts Survey (one unit).


(11) Foreign Language (two units in a single language; however, one unit for students graduating from high school during the 1996-1997 or 1997-1998 school year).


(12) Computer Science, Computer Literacy, or Business Computer Applications (one-half unit; or substitute at least one-half unit of an elective course related to computers that is approved by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education; or substitute at least one-half unit as an elective from among the other subjects listed in this core curriculum).


Acts 2015, No. 227, ยง 1.