Title 36. Organization of Executive Branch of State Government

Chapter 7. Louisiana Workforce Commission

36:301     Louisiana Workforce Commission; creation; domicile; composition; purposes and functions


A. The Louisiana Workforce Commission is created and shall be a body corporate with the power to sue and be sued. The domicile of the commission shall be in Baton Rouge. The Louisiana Workforce Commission shall be deemed to be one of the twenty departments of the executive branch of state government as provided in Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of 1974 and as provided in this Title. 


B. The Louisiana Workforce Commission through its offices and officers, shall administer and enforce laws and programs designed to protect the economic and physical well-being of Louisiana’s workforce. The commission shall coordinate and administer programs conducted by the state, or jointly with federal agencies, in the area of labor-management relations, manpower evaluation and training, vocational rehabilitation, independent living, blind services, employment, unemployment and workers’ compensation, job safety, and the licensing and regulation of certain types of work. The commission shall perform functions related to administration of the community services block grant for which provision is initially made in the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981. 


C. (1) The Louisiana Workforce Commission shall be composed of the executive office of the secretary, the office of management and finance, the office of workforce development, the office of unemployment insurance administration, the office of workers’ compensation administration, the office of occupational information services, and such other offices as shall be created by law. The Louisiana Workforce Investment Council, as more specifically provided in R.S. 23:2042 et seq., shall be placed within the executive office of the secretary. 


(2) Whenever the secretary determines that the administration of the functions of the commission may be more efficiently performed by eliminating, merging, or consolidating existing offices or establishing new offices, he shall present a plan therefor to the legislature for its approval by statute. 


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