Bossier Parish School Board
    User Notice
       Section A, School District Organization
          AA, School District Legal Status
          AB, School Board Legal Status
          ABA, Authority
          ABB, Powers and Responsibilities
          ABC, Board Members Legal Status
          ABCA, Number
          ABCB, Qualifications for School Board Members
          ABCC, Term of Office
          ABCDA, Unexpired Term Fulfillment
          ABD, School Board Liability
          ABE, School Superintendent Legal Status
          AC, School District Organization
          AD, School Attendance Areas
          ADA, School Census
          AE, School Year
          AF, School Day
       Section B, School Board Operations
       Section C, General School Administratiion
       Section D, Fiscal Management
       Section E, Business Management
       Section F, Facility Expansion Program
       Section G, Personnel
       Section H, Negotiations
       Section I, Instructional Program
       Section J, Students
       Section K, General Public Relations
       Section L, Education Agency Relations